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Where In The HELL ??

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Please forgive the lack of activity on AGH this week. I am in dial-up land for the week and as such don’t have the patience to logon/upload at these speeds.

Normal service will resume next week when I’m back BB land, otherwise known as Dublin, Dumpland, Bhaile Ã?tha Cliath, Blakliath etc etc

Friday Caption Comp #32

Friday, November 24th, 2006
Friday Caption #32

Last weeks winner was Mo dhuine with his caption “No sir, Baghdad traffic isn’t a problemâ€? for this picture. You have one week to claim your prize of one 48c Stamp, simply email fcc [at]

Now to this weeks FCC, use the comment function below to add your caption. You can add more than one. Winner will be announced next Friday so you have all week to add captions.

Anyway, have a great weekend folks….Slan

Where In The World Wednesday #2

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Hopefully a bit easier than last weeks WWW, have a guess as to the location in the photo/s. Use the comment function below to add your educated guess!

I have a few more photos of the place in question and will update the post with them if nobody guesses correctly.

Update (15:00):

Update (24.11.06):
Well, no one guessed the right answer this week either! Maybe the first two were a bit tough. Next Wednesdays one will be somewhere in Ireland, now I cant make it any easier than that.

Answer: The place in question for WWW#2 was the city of Krakow.

Friday Caption Comp #31

Friday, November 17th, 2006
Friday Caption #31

In an effort to heal Irish-Oz relations, last weeks winner is Wally Warburton for his caption “You put the bomb wheeeere?â€? for this picture. Well done Wally. Your prize of one 48c stamp will be held here in the AGH offices for you. If you build up the price of an envelope being sent to OZ then they will be sent to you, failing that you can collect them here if ever you visit Ireland!

Anyway, have a go off this one. Use the comment function below to add your captions etc.

Where In The World Wednesday #1

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

In a new AGH feature, see can you figure out or guess the location by the picture/s below.

Use the comment function below to add you guess. You may guess more than once and as soon as someone guesses correctly ill let you know.

Depending on how it goes it may become a regular feature.



Logo Design Gone Bad!

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Doesn’t it look like an Arse??

Wrappido, Harcourt St. Dublin


Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

National Library of Ireland : 7pm

An Teanga Bheo: Cearta, Stádas, Urraim
The Living Language: Rights, Status, Esteem

Séamus Ó Tuathail SC

I’m heading to this myself tonight. Will post any “highlightsâ€? tomorrow.

Previously on AGH

Update (15.11.06):
Anocht is now Aréir!

Staff Required

Tuesday, November 14th, 2006

Spotted this in Kilkenny a few weeks back. What I don’t get is why would you need to be flexible to work in a hat shop?


Friday Caption Comp #30

Friday, November 10th, 2006
Friday Caption #30

Another Friday another FCC.

Use the comment function below to add your captions.

Last weeks winner was Johnny with his caption ‘First Released Images of “Doom 4 – The Wind that Shakes the Barleyâ€? have created quite a stir in the computer gaming world. Released on PSP for Christmas.’ for this picture.

Reasons Behind Australian Rough-House Tactics In International Rules Series (Exclusive)

Thursday, November 9th, 2006

Sport AGH
Much has been written about this years International Rules series, but AGH can now exclusively reveal the reasons behind the ugly scenes in Croke Park last Sunday.

It is common knowledge that Australia, for various reasons (its remote location etc.) is roughly 32 to 37 years behind the rest of the world. I made reference to this in my earlier post on the IR series but it was never so obvious than in their approach to last Sundays second IR test.

AGH have been made aware that the Australians in preparation for the series studied hour after hour of footage of what they thought was this years championship, when in fact they were watching tapes of the 1975 championship! Of course when one thinks of GAA and Football in the seventies you can’t but look at the titanic Kerry vs. Dublin clashes of that era and how physical and ferocious these encounters were.[youtube]mc9VY7BKKCw[/youtube]
The Aussies having studied the tapes must have been expecting a much sterner test, physically at least. It’s also no coincident that Jim Stynes, himself a throw back to the seventies era of hard football and harder men, is a key member of the Aussie coaching staff, and his influence on the Australian game was very much in evidence in what happened in the first quarter; you could have almost imagined them wearing the blue of Dublin!

While the mainstream media has been quick to call for, and forecast, an end to the IR series, AGH can exclusively reveal that the GAA are toying with the idea of gathering a team together for next years series down under made up entirely of players from the seventies.

Quell Surprise

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

Sport AGH

All that can be said, about the farce that was the International Rules series, has been said.

You can find some “reasonedâ€? debate here on the comments section of the IR rules fight (2004) I posted on youTube. It’s mostly infantile name calling but entertaining none the less.

Friday Caption Comp #29

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Friday Caption #29

Sorry for the delay in posting this weeks FCC. I had an emergency meeting down at the Prussian Consulate to discuss the recent goings on in Siam.

No winner of last weeks FCC.

See how yous get on with this one. Use the comment function below to add your captions.

Cré na Gaeilge

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

The Máirtín Ó Cadhain commemorative lecture series begins next Tuesday, with a Lecture entitled ‘Education for Citizens’, to be given by Helen Ó Murchú MA, MEd.

Full list of lecturers to be held in the National Library of Ireland at 7pm each evening.

Oideachas do Shaoránaigh / Education for Citizens
Helen Ó Murchú MA, MEd

An Teanga Bheo: Cearta, Stádas, Urraim / The Living Language: Rights, Status, Esteem
Séamus Ó Tuathail SC

An Ghaeltacht agus Gaeilge sa 21ú Aois / Irish and The Gaeltacht in the 21st Century
An Dr Peadar Ó Flatharta

Ó Cadhain, Kafka agus Litríocht Uirbeach na Gaeilge / Ó Cadhain, Kafka and Urban Litrature in Irish
An Dr Máirtín Nic Eoin

Admission is Free

Lindsay Gilbee is a Girls Name!

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Sport AGH

It’s been reported in the press that some, if not all, of the Australian International Rules players will be gunning for Meath hard-man Graham Geraghty in next Sundays match after his on-field antics in last weekend’s game. A scuffle broke out in the third quarter and one of the Aussie players (Lindsay Gilbee) ended up needing a number of stitches above his eye as a result of coming in contact with Graham Geraghty’s knee. There is doubt if Geraghty will even get to play in the next test match after being cited for “rough playâ€? by the Australian contingent, for the incident with Gilbee.

Graham Geraghty

Some people believe that Gilbee, being disillusioned with the softly softly approach to the game imposed on them this time around, may have rammed his head off Geraghty’s knee intentionally in order to ramp up tensions between the two camps. The tactic seems to have worked and Gilbee is further adding to the fire with talk of retaliation in the upcoming test.

Lindsay Gilbee
Lindsay Gilbee, picture from VIZ up the arse corner

Rumours that Russell Crowe, world-renowned Aussie hard-man, has been drafted into the Australian side for the second test are as yet unproven. The Aussie fighting machine while not having played football, of any code, EVER, can mix it with the best of them and should fit right in to the Australian International Rules party.

Scenes from the last test match between the two teams played in Croke Park (2004), where they couldn’t even wait for the ball to be thrown before getting stuck in.

In other related news, Kevin Sheedy, the Australian coach, when asked about the scenes following the final siren last week when the pitch was invaded by over 2,000 jubilant fans; Sheedy responded with “Just memories. Back to the 70s … it wasn’t a bad time. I thought I was young again,â€? Sheedy is seemingly unaware that the scenes were orchestrated by the GAA especially for our friends from down under in order to make them feel at home. This was just one of a number of measures carried out by the GAA to shield the travelling Aussie contingent form modernity. These measures were put in place after over half of the 2004 Aussie delegation sought to defect to Ireland upon discovering that the rest of the world has indeed moved on from the 70s.

The Ozzie Team
Some of the Australian International Rules squad out on the town in Galway during the week.

Update (03.11.06):
Geraghty was cleared last night of any wrongdoing in last weekends Ireland vs Australia International Rules match and is set to take his place in the Ireland starting 15 for this Sundays match.

Tá an-áthas orm…

Wednesday, November 1st, 2006

Sport AGH

After uploading the Sean Óg speech last week, I decided to have a look around, see if I could find any other winning captains speeches on youTube.

Pat Mulcahy of Cork (2006 Munster Hurling Championship)
Declan O Sullivan of Kerry (2006 All Ireland Football Championship)
Páidí Ó Sé of Kerry (1985 All Ireland Football Championship)
Dara O’Cinneide of Kerry (2004 All Ireland Football Championship)

I had a link to Joe Connolly’s 1980 speech but lost it again, so if anyone has a link to that, or any other winning captains speech, post the link using the caption function below.

Update (20.08.07):
John Fenton of Cork (1984: Cork V Offaly All Ireland Hurling Championship)
Michael Murphy of Tipperary (1964: Tipperary V Kilkenny All Ireland Hurling Championship)