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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007


I have to apologies for the lack of postage on AGH of late. And whats been keeping me away you may ask? Well, a new job thats what;a new job with rather strict Internet policies!! But once im on top of things there AGH will be back in business.

I was also thinking of re-vamping AGH, looks wise………….needed? not needed?

All Aborad! Next Bus To Tralee In 5 Mins

Tuesday, October 16th, 2007
Dingle book burning
Locals burning their English-Irish Dictionaries

I flagged this yonks ago as being a possible flash point, and true to form the plebs in Dingle are again revolting! This time they seem to think their kids will be at a disadvantage as the only secondary education available in the town is the all Irish Pobal Scoil Chorca Dhuibhne. Muppets! One solution to the impasse may be if they load their fat fucking kids into buses and ship them into Tralee for a good English education. Failing that, maybe we should consider cutting Dingle out of the Gaeltacht all together.

Breaking News
Belfast Telegraph

All Blacks Say No To Cake

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

[youtube]VnZ6o3Z6Rqg[/youtube]It appears that there’s a bit of fuss over this take on the Haka apparently advertising a bakery of the year competition in New Zealand. Rumors that a second ad depicting two Gingerbread men spear tackling a mince pie had to be pulled are as yet unsubstantiated!

A Letter To Dublin Bus

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
Bus Ã?tha Cliath

To whom it may concern:

I’m writing to you with a quick question. Is it true that you have dropped or intend to drop the Irish version of your company name? i.e. drop the Bus Ã?tha Cliath from your logos etc?

It’s just I heard this as a rumour some weeks ago but dismissed as being just that, a rumour. However, I’ve come to notice that any of the new buses or buses with new paint jobs are indeed bereft of the words ‘Bus Ã?tha Cliath’! Was this a commercial decision and if so on what grounds would dropping Irish from your logo etc improve the commercial viability of the company? Or was it simply a decision some bright spark came up with in there to save on paint?

Dublin Bus : Serving the entire community………me hole!


Update (04.10.07):
Aonghus from Smaointe Fánacha Aonghusa has also put his shoulder to the wheel on this issue. He delves deeper into the issue and rightly identified that they as a state body may be in breach of the Official Languages Act, 2003! Wouldn’t that be a kicker!! Anyway, here’s the email Aonghus sent Bus Ã?tha Cliath:

Dear Sir or Madam,
I am a regular passenger on your services.

it appears that you are no longer using the name “Bus Ã?tha Cliathâ€? on the livery of your buses, or indeed on your website

I note that the links to your sister companies on that site are to “Iarnród Éireannâ€? and “Bus Éireannâ€?.

Since you are subject to the provisions of the Official Languages Act, 2003, you would seem to be in breach of your statutory duties.

“Public bodies have a duty of ensuring, when any information is being provided to the public through the postal system or by electronic means, that such communication is provided in Irish or bilingually. Section 9 (3)â€?

While the regulations regarding signage, notices, stationery headings and oral announcements (live or recorded) have not yet been published, it seems to me that you will be in contravention of the regulations if the current draft regulations come into force substantially unaltered.

is mise le meas
Aonghus Ó hAlmhain

ROT Update #4 (RTE)

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

Less of an update, more of a recap. One of the first targets for the ROT was Radio Telefis Eireann (RTE), Ireland’s’ national broadcaster. So with ROT activity at a minimum recently i decided to go back over the early stuff. For inspiration?? maybe. For shits and giggles?? Definitely! There are 20 instalments in this series so here are some of the highlights from the ROT vs RTE campaign.

To: Complaints Dept, Subject: Six-One News
Dear RTE,

Would it be possible to move the ‘Six One’ news to a later slot, ‘Six Forty Three’ perhaps, as I rarely make it home from work before half six.

Yours in anticipation
Reply > From: ****, RTÉ Information Officer

Dear Ms. O’Connor

Thank you for your e-mail. I regret to inform you that
RTÉ has no plans to change the timing of either the Six
One or the Nine O’Clock news bulletins.

Best regards
RTÉ Information Officer

To: Complaints Dept, Subject: Fair City
Dear RTE,

Any Chance youd cancel it ……………….
I’ll pay (name your price)

Much obliged
Reply > From: *****, RTÉ Information Officer

Dear Ms. O’Connor

No amount of money would induce us to spoil the
enjoyment of over 600,000 viewers, for financial

Is your remote control missing?

RTÉ Information Officer

To: Complaints Dept, Subject: Reality TV

Dear RTE,

Any truth to the rumour that RTE’s next big celebrity reality TV show involves the of putting of Pat Kenny, Twink, Brendan o Carroll and that boob-job trollop off you’re a star into a burlap sack with 12 cats?

This is a show that I know id watch plus it would see my TV licence fee put to good use.

Yours truly,

Reply > From: ****, RTÉ Information Officer

Hi *****,

Got to say that you’re first on board with that
particular rumour, but I’ll run it past the relevant
commissioning editor in case it has merit.
I’m inclined to think however, that the DSPCA might
veto cats being put in bags – burlap or otherwise.

Best regards
RTÉ Information Officer


Friday Caption Comp #58

Friday, September 28th, 2007
Friday Caption Comp #58

A rather topical FCC this week! Use the comment link below to add your captions etc…

You said Im bringin heat on you!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

Watch till the end. Quality…

Oh and FYI, the recent comments view on the side bar seems to have gone missing thanks to my last worpress update. Im working on a fix as we speak…


Tuesday, September 18th, 2007
Gaeilge agus Fáilte


Dé Sathairn 29ú Meán Fomhair 2007 / Saturday 29th September 2007
Lá spraoi do theaghlaigh saor in aisce / Family fun day

1.00pm – 4.00pm

Ceardlainn ceoil / Scéalaíochta / Ceardaíochta Spraoi / Plé ar Achtanna Teangaidh

Julie Fowlis agus Éamon Doorley (5.00pm -7.00pm)
-tícéidí de dhíth, ar fáil ó POBAL @ 90438132


AGH Events Calendar

Up the Rebels!

Friday, September 14th, 2007
Up the Rebels!

Nuff said!

Get your Rebel desktop wallpaper here.

Friday Caption Comp #57

Friday, September 14th, 2007
Friday Caption Comp #57

Hey hey…its Friday. I know i used this picture in the crap post below about the Kerry animals, but i couldn’t let it through my hands without banging it up on the FCC.

You can leave your comments and captions by clicking on the comments link below. Have a great weekend.

The Kerry Animal

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Every September, hundreds (sometimes thousands but this is rare) of Kerry Animals form a mega-herd and make their way northwards to the metropolis of Dublin. Each year when the mega herd arrives on the outskirts and in the centre of Dublin city, visitors and locals alike look on in astonishment at the their backward ways and struggle to understand their thick unintelligible accents. Scientists have long studied the migratory habits of the Kerry Animal but the details of this remarkable transeprovincial migration are only now emerging from a study using electronic tracking tags to follow individual Kerry Animals.

Animal 5
The Kerry Animal’s Migratory Path

The migration period can last up to 2 days but many make the migratory round trip in one day (the shortest know cycle for any migratory mammal). The reasons behind this are varied but fear of built up areas, a dislike for spending money and a distinct fear of modern appliances are the main reasons behind the Ryanair-esque turnaround time.

Kerry Animals

Of course the journey is not without its dangers. One scientist recounts the scene last year as part of the mega-herd traverses the Blackwater River. “..this morning, we witnessed up to 5000 Kerry Animals of all shapes and sizes at the same crossing, however, six of them became breakfast for the hungry crocodiles and another 15 drowned in the chaotic crossing. The majority of the herds are now on the eastern side of the Blackwater River, but there are several herds that are still enjoying the lush green grasses on the western side of the river and will need to soon make the fearsome crossing as well.” Out of an estimated 20,000 strong herd, last year only 15,000 actually made it to the intended destination of Dublin.

Dublin authorities have set-up a new unit especially trained in Animal control techniques to deal with this almost yearly invasion. Each unit member has been issued with bear mace and trained in special negotiation tactics as well as the latest crowd/herd control techniques.

Animal 3
A Dublin Garda struggles to control a Kerry native (2005)

The herd leaves just as quickly as it arrived, leaving a trail of tinfoil and tae bags in their wake. But be warned, approach these animals with caution. They have been know to bite, buck and spit when they get confused or feel threatened.

Brendan Jer O Sullivan gets bitten by Seamus Moynihan

A Kerry Animal Viciously Bites Cork Footballing Great Brendan Jer O Sullivan’s Finger

Ireland’s most expensive…dash?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007
O’Donoghues of Suffolk Street: Pic from

O’Donoghues of Suffolk Street, yes folks the pub formerly known as Thing Moate is now charging €1.60 for a dash of blackcurrant! Not a glass or a bottle of blackcurrant but a dash of blackcurrant. You know a dash, a dash ladies might get with their pint to take the edge off! I mean i saw him put the dash in the pint and that’s what it was, a dash, a drop, no more!! But i still get charged €1.60 for the privilege!!! I mean a litre bottle of the stuff cant cost much more than €1.60, if even!!!! So what’s the mark-up on a bottle of blackcurrant cordial in this place??

I was aggrieved to such an extent by this heinous assault on my pocket that i felt compelled to write to the proprietors. Click more to see the letter…

Update 12.09.07: The person i originally contacted in relation to this, no longer works for or has any connection with the establishment in question. Contact details for the present management may not be easy to find so in the mean time I’ve registered my complaint with the National Consumer Agency. (

Update 20.09.07: The NCA got back to me today, pretty fast in getting back to me it has to be said, but it doesnt make for pleasant reading.

Dear Mr ******

Thank you for contacting the National Consumer Agency (NCA) with your query and please accept our apologies for the delay in responding to you.

According to your email you feel that a particular bar charges an excessive amount for dashes of cordial.

For a considerable number of years now it has been settled policy that maximum prices are not set for either goods or services. This effectively means that there is no price control in Ireland and apart from certain limited areas where price display orders are in force. Government policy in relation to prices is one of encouragement of competition; price transparency; and the promotion of greater price awareness among consumers.

Under the Retail Price (Beverages in Licensed Premises) Display Order, to assist customers in comparing drink prices, licensed premises are required to display the price of 16 beverages at the entrance to bars and lounges. In addition they are required to have a comprehensive list of drink prices on display. If a licensed premises’ policy is to increase prices after a certain time (e.g. after 11pm) then the price on display should be amended to reflect the price that is being charged. Our Commercial Practices Division investigates breaches of the legislation.

We hope you have found this information useful and if you have any further consumer related queries you can contact us on 1890 432 432.

Yours sincerely

Jack Griffin
National Consumer Agency

Original letter after the more…

Lack of Activity on AGH

Friday, September 7th, 2007
Aonghus McAnally

I have to apologise for the lack of activity on AGH of late. I’ve been very busy; i wont bore you with what. Things should be a little less hectic next week but in the mean time here is an old ROT favourite to keep you going. Full ROT can be found here.

To: Aonghus McAnally, Subject: Anything Goes

Dear Aonghus

Any truth to the rumour that ‘Anything Goes’ is set to make a return to our screens in RTEs summer schedule.

I know it would be a big ask for yourself to come out of retirement but do you really want to deprive another generation of such a top class show.

Martina Mary O’Connor

Reply > From: Aonghus McAnally

Dear Martina,

I am not aware of any such plans.
Thanks for the email,

Aonghus McAnally

RE: Reply >> To: Aonghus McAnally

Dear Aonghus,

Thank you for your speedy reply.

It seems that I got the wrong end of the stick as far as ‘Anything Goes’ making a come back to our screens is concerned. Its a shame really as I think the standard of Saturday morning kids shows on RTE has taken a real down turn of late.

Thanks again for your reply

Martina Mary O’Connor

I think my husband is having an affair!

Electronic Pancake ‘07

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
Electric Picnic

When we think of September we think of All Irelands, back to school traffic, National Ploughing Championships, oh and Electric Picnic of course. Its hard to believe it’s only 4 years in existence. Friday night holds most promise for myself personally with Modest Mouse, Bjork, Hot Chip, Greenkeepers, LCD SS and Mr Scruff all playing AT THE SAME TIME!! Well not really but some hard decisions will have to be made on the Friday as clashing is the order of the day.

Anywhooooo….here are a few maps that might come in handy.
Electric Picnic Main Map
Electric Picnic Parking/Camping Map
< < right click >> < < save as >>

Click more to see the timetables. (Timetables thanks to nialler9)


A Story About Brothers

Thursday, August 16th, 2007
Ó hAilpín

Seems its been on youtube for over 3 months now but RTE aired Tall, Dark and Ó hAilpín again this week; the third time in the space of a year. The show in full can be seen in six segments via the Youtube playlist below.

Ó hAilpín related posts prevously on AGH:
Tall, Dark and Ó hAilpín
Mysterious Flash Floods Hit Ireland
Sean Og O’Hailpin – Pitch Man
Is fada an turas é ó Fiji go Corcaigh agus ó Corcaigh go Pairc an Chrocaigh!

As Gaeilge Anois

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
As Gaeilge Anois

I saw my first real life As Gaeilge Anois sicker yesterday evening on my way home from work; was a little surprised as i thought the campaign was restricted to the six counties, I’m glad to see that it isnt. The As Gaeilge Anois is the latest high profile campaign brought to you by the good people at Ceithearna Coille.

Ceithearna Coille are:

The Ceithearna Coille are a network of young Gaels who aim to heighten the presence of our lively tongue throughout Ireland by supporting Irish language social events (not just drinking in Conamara!) and conducting effective visual campaigns.

You can keep up to date with their activities here and even buy the As Gaeilge Anois stickers here.

In other news it looks like Big Ian likes our planes and loves our dosh but he doesn’t really like our language!! Who would have thunk it ha!!! I know I’m shocked.

Friday Caption Comp #56

Friday, August 10th, 2007
Friday Caption Comp #56

It’s Friday, buiochas le Dia. Leave your captions by clicking the comment link below.

Eddie Moroney

Friday, August 10th, 2007
Eddie Moroney

Old as the hills i know but it’s the first time ive seen this classic stuff since school. Finally the Eddie Moroney tape in its entirety is up on Youtube. Maybe its been there a while but I’ve only seen it now. A quick Google has revealed that there’s even an Effin’ Eddie website You can also find an Eddie sound board here.

I wonder if Eddie or Aherlow GAA have made any money out of all this?

We love Irish we do…

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
An Daingean
…but if we want our kids to be taught through the medium of English we’ll bloody well have our kids taught through the medium of English!!

For fawk sake the Dingle Dangle brigade strikes again. This time some of the local plebs are up in arms about the decision to, shock of shocks, teach through Irish in an Irish speaking school! This has only come to light with the decision to amalgamate two of the larger schools in Dingle town into one gargantuan Irish speaking school bent on the destruction of all other world languages beginning with English of course and then moving on to Polish, Russian, Latvian, etc. (that last bit may be inaccurate)

Having blown up on Joe Duffy’s Live Line today I’m sure this issue will exercise the language haters among us and bring the Keep Dingle English brigade out in force.

Forgetting the fact that these two schools were “supposed” to be teaching through Irish anyway, I cant understand how this flute on the radio didn’t realise that this may be an issue when living in a Gaeltacht area.

Friday Caption Comp #55

Friday, August 3rd, 2007
Friday Caption Comp #55

A topical FCC this week. Leave your captions by clicking the comment link below.