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Electronic Pancake ‘07

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
Electric Picnic

When we think of September we think of All Irelands, back to school traffic, National Ploughing Championships, oh and Electric Picnic of course. Its hard to believe it’s only 4 years in existence. Friday night holds most promise for myself personally with Modest Mouse, Bjork, Hot Chip, Greenkeepers, LCD SS and Mr Scruff all playing AT THE SAME TIME!! Well not really but some hard decisions will have to be made on the Friday as clashing is the order of the day.

Anywhooooo….here are a few maps that might come in handy.
Electric Picnic Main Map
Electric Picnic Parking/Camping Map
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Click more to see the timetables. (Timetables thanks to nialler9)


A Story About Brothers

Thursday, August 16th, 2007
Ó hAilpín

Seems its been on youtube for over 3 months now but RTE aired Tall, Dark and Ó hAilpín again this week; the third time in the space of a year. The show in full can be seen in six segments via the Youtube playlist below.

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As Gaeilge Anois

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
As Gaeilge Anois

I saw my first real life As Gaeilge Anois sicker yesterday evening on my way home from work; was a little surprised as i thought the campaign was restricted to the six counties, I’m glad to see that it isnt. The As Gaeilge Anois is the latest high profile campaign brought to you by the good people at Ceithearna Coille.

Ceithearna Coille are:

The Ceithearna Coille are a network of young Gaels who aim to heighten the presence of our lively tongue throughout Ireland by supporting Irish language social events (not just drinking in Conamara!) and conducting effective visual campaigns.

You can keep up to date with their activities here and even buy the As Gaeilge Anois stickers here.

In other news it looks like Big Ian likes our planes and loves our dosh but he doesn’t really like our language!! Who would have thunk it ha!!! I know I’m shocked.

Friday Caption Comp #56

Friday, August 10th, 2007
Friday Caption Comp #56

It’s Friday, buiochas le Dia. Leave your captions by clicking the comment link below.

Eddie Moroney

Friday, August 10th, 2007
Eddie Moroney

Old as the hills i know but it’s the first time ive seen this classic stuff since school. Finally the Eddie Moroney tape in its entirety is up on Youtube. Maybe its been there a while but I’ve only seen it now. A quick Google has revealed that there’s even an Effin’ Eddie website You can also find an Eddie sound board here.

I wonder if Eddie or Aherlow GAA have made any money out of all this?

We love Irish we do…

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007
An Daingean
…but if we want our kids to be taught through the medium of English we’ll bloody well have our kids taught through the medium of English!!

For fawk sake the Dingle Dangle brigade strikes again. This time some of the local plebs are up in arms about the decision to, shock of shocks, teach through Irish in an Irish speaking school! This has only come to light with the decision to amalgamate two of the larger schools in Dingle town into one gargantuan Irish speaking school bent on the destruction of all other world languages beginning with English of course and then moving on to Polish, Russian, Latvian, etc. (that last bit may be inaccurate)

Having blown up on Joe Duffy’s Live Line today I’m sure this issue will exercise the language haters among us and bring the Keep Dingle English brigade out in force.

Forgetting the fact that these two schools were “supposed” to be teaching through Irish anyway, I cant understand how this flute on the radio didn’t realise that this may be an issue when living in a Gaeltacht area.

Friday Caption Comp #55

Friday, August 3rd, 2007
Friday Caption Comp #55

A topical FCC this week. Leave your captions by clicking the comment link below.

The Price of Success?

Friday, August 3rd, 2007
Cork Flag

Ever get that feeling the of Deja Vu? The opposition might be different but the feeling of getting shat on from them upon high in the GAA seems strangely familiar! Don’t get me wrong, this aint a whinge. Same as Roy Keane wasn’t whingeing when he spoke out about conditions in Saipan. The Dublin media likes to trot out this label any time a Corkman speaks up for himself. It is not in a Corkmans nature to stay quiet when he thinks something is not right. In the long run Roy was proved right and once the dust is settled on this years championship we too will be.

Last Weekend
Train Cork-Dublin return: €56.50
Cork V Waterford: €35
Gatts: €??
Munch: €??

This Weekend
Train Cork-Dublin return: €56.50
Cork V Sligo : €20 & €30
Accommodation: One night: €150 Two nights:€300
Cork V Waterford (Replay): €45
Gatts: €??
Munch: €??

Last Weekend + This Weekend = €€€€€€ for Dublin and the GAA

My verdict? Worth it! Because after this weekend we will be the only county in the country to have teams in the semi finals of both codes….so you can stick that up yer bollix Dublin…..for free.

Brennan Out!