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Smug Alert!

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Smug Alert
Well it was going to take something pretty big to get me out of retirement but out of retirement I am, thanks to the second series of No Bearla. Our self congratulating smug bobble headed friend, aka Manchán Magan, is back on our screens and going on tonight’s show we can expect more of the same same…but different.

Bobble Head’s objective was clear right from the start and though he seems to be approaching it from a different angle the tune is the very same as last year. This Mark Thomas wannabe had some shocking insights for us in tonight’s show i.e. mostly JF’s work in and frequent St Stephens Shopping Centre, 80% of sitting TD’s are 100% useless and teenagers know more about the Simpsons than they know about Peig.

I can’t believe TG4 commissioned a second series but commission it they did and as long as Bobble Head keeps beating the same old drum ill keep posting on it.

Manchán Magan
Manchán – Loves the smell of his own farts

No Eejits!
Ich bin ein Ã?pa – No Béarla (Episode 2)
Smiling under Buses