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I Twit You Not

Tuesday, July 8th, 2008

After some shameless self promotion we’re up to 19 followers, a good number at this early stage.

I posted the idea in a few forums where likely EP goers hang out…

On the PROC.
On the Bodytonic Forum.
On Boards dot ie.
And on the EP forum itself.

…and it has to be said that reactions have been mixed. Some love the idea while others poo poo. Most of the poo poo’ing was on the Electric Picnic forum itself which might have more to do with the profile of user than anything else, I was even accused of working for twitter on said forum!

Anyway, we’ll plough on regardless.

Just to clarify a few things for people around the SMS aspect of all this.
When your Twitter account has been setup and you’re following electricpancake (and after electricpancake in return follows you) you can then decide which way you want to be updated on electricpancake twitters.

You can keep things entirely web based and just follow updates via your own Twitter profile or just by going to in your browser.

You can setup twitter to send updates to your instant messenger client.

Or you you can set up mobile SMS updates. << Handy for us in field in Stradbally!!

Once you have your mobile setup (add device in settings) and you select to receive updates from electricpancake you’re on your way. “Twitter doesn’t charge anything for this, but be sure to know what your text plan looks like with your wireless carrier.

You need never send an update to electricpancake and just opt to receive all the update goodness as it happens. You can even shut text messages from Twitter off at anytime by replying with “off” (and back on by sending “on”). You can also specify that it turn off automatically at night.

Full list of Twitter commands.

So there you are all set-up for receiving but what good is receiving without a little giving!! You can text in your updates to electricpancake by typing ‘D electricpancake’ and then your message to Twitter (+44 7624 801423). You would have already texted this Twitter number to verify your phone when setting it up as a update device.

If anyone has any question drop em in the comments and ill do my best to answer.