Suspected Terror Attack in Cork

Suspected Terror Attack in Cork

A large fire in Cork city has been brought under control by fire-fighters. Seven units of Cork fire service have been fighting a blaze at the R&H Hall mill and grain store on Kennedy Quay. The alarm was raised just after 7am this morning when fire was seen coming out through the roof, 30 metres up.

An investigation by gardaí, the fire service and the Health Services Executive is expected to be launched when the fire is completely out. Gardaí are not ruling out terrorist involvement in the blaze and reports of low flying Guinness plane are as yet unconfirmed.

The grain silo was storing 6,000 tonnes of barley, giving rise to concerns that the supply of Murphy’s to the city and beyond might be affected by the fire. A spokesman for Murphy’s Irish Stout called for calm amongst its punters and warned against panic buying at this early stage. He went on to add that Murphy’s have contingency plans in place for just such an event and that their emergency plan has already swung into action, he also stated that Murphy’s Irish Stout have been brewing the perfect pint since 1856.

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Suspected Terror Attack in Cork
Picture just in from Reuters of the exact moment out Taoiseach was informed about the attack.

Suspected Terror Attack in Cork
Tribute already in place.


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    Beamish & Crawford Plc deny any involvement. ;)

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    Don’t panic buy? I’m heading out at lunch to stock up!

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    UCD’s first Katousha misses

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