Kilmichael 2008

Kilmichael 2008

Declan Kearney - Kilmichael commemoration 2008

After the complete washout in 2006 and having missed out on the 2007 commemoration i was looking forward to the 2008 Kilmichael ambush commemoration and to be fair Declan Kearney, the guest speaker, didn’t disappoint

You can download Declan’s speach here (.caf 46MB) (downloaded times) in CAF format (needs Quicktime to play).

I could only convert the first 16mins of his 24min speach from CAF to mp3 so ill post up the mp3 version for download as soon as i converted the lot.

If you want more info on the ambush or even take a virtual tour of the ambush site visit the Coppeen Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Society site or archive.

Article in An Phoblacht entitled Political unity and a new standard of patriotism published after the 2008 commemoration.

Poem written by Bobby Sands in memory of Tom Barry after Barry passed away in 1980.

For Barry’s soul we prayed in hell
Pathetic creatures adorned in pain
And we never heard his requiem bell
But our own — in torture’s livid strain.

In the southern realms of Munster world
The humble whin bush sway
Shedding yellow tears like child
For a legend passed away.

And they blow down lanes of time gone by
O’er Crossbarry and Kilmicheal grave
And resurrect a battle cry
‘With Barry, boys be brave!’

In dusky light, by mist, o’er hills they tread
A column on the run
The ghosts of fighters long since dead
Yet n’er at rest, their guns still slung.

Now Barry leads them in the night
Hardy souls of Cork Brigade
To tramp the glens to morning light
When their ghostly forms shall fade.

And we prayed tonight for Barry’s rest
Would Barry e’er be free
As he tramps across old Munster’s breast
To blind eternity.

And in darkened shadows, ‘neath prison bars
The hags of torture wave
But we hear a voice that is of ours
‘With Barry, boys be brave!’

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6 Responses to “Kilmichael 2008”

  1. Rhys says:

    Hi there. Good to see you’re blogging again – just as well I didn’t ditch your RSS feed!

    I hope you don’t mind me asking, but could you give me some pointers for places to see/avoid in the south west of Ireland? My only experience of Ireland is a 14 hours drinking sesh in Dublin, while at Uni over 10 years ago.

    The wife and I are considering coming over to Ireland in May time, visiting a relative in Carlow first (who’s atcualy Canadian) and then heading West to Kerry/Cork counties.

    Are the any hotspots that are likely to be full of busloads of fat Americans that we should avoid?

    Geographically I’d like to stay roughly within a triangle between Cork, Limerick and Tralee.
    The Lonely Planet seems to suggest Tralee is a bit dicey! And is Killarney very tacky?

    Athough I don’t speak a word of Irish, do you know of any websites/organisations that will list accommodation (cottages or B&B’s) run and owned by local Irish speakers as opposed to companies from England – or worst still, from Dublin ;-) ?

    I plan to visit An Daingean (hope locals won’t be too polite), may be even go over to Skellig Michael.

    I’m more into walking and historical stuff – such as the memorial in this post (but not Dolmaens, we have plenty in Wales), as opposed to supping 5 Euro pints of Guinness and listening to fiddlers. Any personal favuorites?

    Much obliged.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Rhys. There’s been a few false dawns but hopefully this comeback will last!!

    As for must see destinations down our way, will you let me have a think about it, I don’t want to be sending you wrong like so let me have a wee think about it and ill bang up a few suggestions later.

  3. Rhys says:

    No worries. I’ve since found which lists places to stay in the Gaeltacht which I assume are run by Irish speakers. It’s not a fantastic site, and most places don’t have their own websites, but it has contact numbers and email adreses. There’s a place in Ballydavid that sounds nice.

  4. colm says:

    Given Declan Kearneys acceptance of partition and an internal settlement within the British controlled 6 counties he ought to be ashamed of himself commemorating such a milestone in militant republican folklore. Kearney is a traitor to the republican cause. Republicans like Liam Lynch and Terence McSweeney were no doubt turning in their graves.

  5. admin says:


    I guess that’s one view. For the last few years its been more a party political broadcast than commemoration but the people that know and the people that matter know that KM goes beyond that no matter who the speaker is.

  6. Frank Godfrey says:

    Admin, your response to my comment reads like a Gerry Adams answer. Can you clarify your position please.

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