A culchie with culture!!

AGH makes the Indo……for the right reasons!

Didnt even realise i made the blog digest on the Indo back in September.
Marie Boran writes

“It is hard to sum up this blog in just a few words or even explain its exact purpose but I will tell you this much: it is sometimes written as Gaeilge, it often champions Irish culture and it is frequently hilarious.

I really liked the blog’s strange mix of hip and hip replacement, like a culchie with culture (this is how I like to think of myself!).

I could see myself glued to this blog if I were off in Australia or America finding my fortune. Actually, I’d visit it either way. ”

Well it’s like that old saying goes…”Give a culchie the culture section, and you’ve occupied him for a day. Teach a culchie how to blog, and you’ve occupied him for life.”

Marie a chailin once ive figured out AGH’s purpose you’ll be the first to know.

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