Rebel Wars

Taken straight from the PROC forum. One forum member corkoniense took it upon himself to lighten the mood in what is now a 600+ page, 6,441 comment and 290,000+ view thread on the Cork Hurlers strike.

In his own words
“Me and a mate have put together a Downfall + Empire Strikes Back combination scene for your viewing. The script is Corkoniense’s, so sue me frank you sonofabitch. The tech wizardry is all my mate’s doing, as I don’t have a clue of these things, so kudos to him.

Remember: All characters in this movie are actors, with the exception of Dr. Joseph Goebbels, who stars as himself.


I can only doff my cap to you corkoniense….quality.

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  2. BirinBeo says:

    Mighty Stuff!

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