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Welcome to the Ach go háirithe Pub Spy Leader Board. The maximum ‘thumbs’ which can be awarded to any pub (up or down) is 13. Most pubs will have a review to accompany the rating. Feel free to comment on any and all the reviews. All reviews welcome, on pubs both listed and not listed on Ach go háirithe. If you want to vote for any pub listed here just add your vote (-13 to 13) next to the name of the pub in the comment function below.

1. The Top of Coom, Co. Ciarrai – review- submit review – 13 up


2. The Royal Oak, Kilmainham, BÃ?C – review- submit review – 10.5 up


3. Alfie Hales, Waterford – review- submit review – 9.5 up


4. Jess Mc Carthy’s, Trá Lí – review- submit review – 7.5 down


5. O’Donoghue’s Bar, BÃ?C – review- submit review – 11 down


5 Responses to “Pub Spy Leader Board”

  1. Lady President of the People's Rep of Cork says:

    May I suggest that Pub Spy pay a visit to the always ephervescent (mis-spelled!!) QuinnRyan on Barrck St., Cork?
    You cant ignore its cans of mixers for the ladies,old 20p taking pool table or the fact that it looks like its been disused since before the civil war….

  2. Rua says:

    Might I suggest you whet your whistle at Trinity Colleges ‘Pavillion’ nowhere better on a fine summers day, especially in pursuit of a fine young fille!

    No really though, despite the fact that most of the spas there view cans as a novelty its one hell of a spot for mid-day drinking

  3. admin says:

    @ Rua

    While not an experienced pavilion drinker, I have to say that I’ve drank many cans and much cider on the steps and on the grass of the “Pav”. Would one be as bold as to suggest that the recent good weather and “success” of the Irish Cricket team will have the riff-raff out in their droves and hence I think ill have to wait until high summer before returning to wet my whistle.

    All bullshit aside I hear space around the Pav is at a premium on the days when the Trinity Ladies Cricket team take to the pitch….or field…or whatever they call it.

    Anyway….ill bang it on the list of establishments to review…..if I ever get around to adding to the AGH pub spy….

  4. Soompense says:

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