The Reign of Terror (ROT)

The ROT started off as a bit of a joke between myself (Martina Mary O’Connor) and my cousin (Geraldine P Cunningham).
…not our real names of course.

It started off with us sending in bogus complaints and suggestions to our national broadcaster here in Ireland, RTE. We got such a good reaction to the first campaign that we then branched out and began to send bogus emails to celebrities, large multinational companies, sporting organisations etc…you get the drift.

Anyone and everyone became possible targets!!!

The bogus emails can range from inquiring on the exact rules regarding the wearing of a thong in ladies tennis to offering a suit entirely made of cheese to cheese manufactures.

Geraldine P Cunningham has taken a back seat of late but submits material on occasion. Keep an eye out for the short off the wall entries.
We also hope to have a proper domain sorted out in the near future. No more of this ‘’ stuff!!! So keep an eye out for that.

We will post any new ROT emails here but for the definitive archive of ROT emails go the ROT home page HERE.

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  3. floyd.pepper says:

    is ROT backed up on another website anywhere. The ROT site is down?

  4. admin says:

    @ floyd.pepper

    I have it backed up on my old laptop which is clapped out at the moment but once i salvage the HD ill give the ROT its own section on AGH.

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