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An Céad Dáil – The First Dáil

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
The Sinn Fein members elected in the December 1918 election at the first Dail Eireann meeting, called by Sinn Fein on January 21, 1919. Shown are (from l to r): 1st row: L. Ginell, Michael Collins (leader of the Irish Republican Army), Cathal Brugha, Arthur Griffiths (founder of Sinn Fein), Eamon de Valera (president of the Irish Republic), Count E. MacNeill, William Cosgrave and E. Blythe; 2nd row: P. Maloney, Terence McSwiney (Lord Mayor of Dublin), Richard Mulcahy, J. O'Doherty, J. O'Mahony, J. Dolan, J. McGuinness, P. O'Keefe, Michael Staines, McGrath, Dr. B. Cussack, L. de Roiste, W. Colivet and the Reverend Father Michael O'Flanagan (vice-president of Sinn Fein); 3rd row: P. War, A. McCabe, D. Fitzgerald, J. Sweeney, Dr. Hayes, C. Collins, P. O'Maillie, J. O'Mara, B. O'Higgins, J. Burke and Kevin O'Higgins; 4th row: J. McDonagh and J. McEntee; 5th row: P. B 1919 Ireland

An Céad Dáil Éireann - the First Dáil Éireann, 90 years ago tomorrow the 21st of January

Lot’s going on and lots of talk debate around the 90th anniversary of the First Dáil. RTE radio have a series of programmes commemorating the anniversary with one in particular How Macroom Remembers aired yesterday being of particular interest to myself.

The 21st January marks the 90th anniversary of the first Dáil in Ireland. RTÉ Radio 1’s Documentary on One has made a documentary that looks at how the tumultuous events of 1919 to 1923 are remembered in Macroom and its hinterland.

You can download the the programme directly here. It was recorded around the time of the Kilmichael commemoration last year and has a few excerpts from the day itself. Of course you can download the full speech and see more pics from Kilmichael 2008 here.

Thomas Davis Lectures – Creating The Dáil

To commemorate the 90th anniversary of the First Dáil we are re-broadcasting a ten part Thomas Davis Lecture series entitled Creating the Dáil first broadcast in 1994.

The boys over at éirígí staged a high profile PR stunt much to the embarrassment of the blue heelers.

éirígí activists today (Tuesday) breached tight security at Dublin’s historic Mansion House to deliver a message directly to the Twenty-Six County political establishment.

As hundreds of elected representatives and other dignitaries gathered inside the building, two activists succeeded in unfurling a giant banner from the roof.

As the out-manoeuvred Gardaí scrambled into action, the banner’s message hung from the roof of the Mansion House for all to see – “90 YEARS ON – NO CLOSER TO FREEDOM – END THE OCCUPATION!â€? [youtube][/youtube]

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