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Airtricity Update – The Facts

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

I guess it was only a matter of time but after my post on Friday the story was covered offline in the Sunday Business Post and online on Soapbox Ireland, Office of Inadequate Security, ValueIreland, Brand Ireland and of course

What at first looked like a progressive step by Airtricity in engaging with the online community on this issue seems to have been no more than a cursory attempt to quell any chitchat among the blogging community in relation to the data breach. Funny that the engagement only came after the SBP ran the story.

Anyway, it looks Peter Lord or at least his IP has become a regular AGH reader so here are a few new facts you can add to your list. AGH is now on page one, position ten in the organic Google search results for the key word ‘Airtricity’ and the the Airtricity Letter has been downloaded times from AGH.

When is a Legal Threat not a Legal Threat?

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

When it’s a bit of “friendly” advice! I may have been a little hasty when referring to the rocket I got on Friday as a legal threat. Looking at it again (and again) and having got “legalâ€? advice (I passed it by one of my “legal” mates) it was more advisory in tone. It was the officialdom that probably got my back up so I went off on one when in actuality the email was simply “advisingâ€? me not to liable anyone. I’m happy enough to park her there but ill wait for the official response.

Airtricity – Customer Data Compromised!!

Thursday, January 29th, 2009


I’m amazed that this hasn’t been picked up in the media yet, but this came through the door of a relation last week and to say she was shocked and worried is an understatement. I mean it looks like her personal data, including bank details may have been left in an unsecured location for God knows how long!!

The letter states that while they were working on their website a “file” containing personal details was inadvertently left in an unsecure location. They go on to say that while the file was not visible on the face of the website they cant guarantee 100% that the file wasn’t accessed by an unauthorised 3rd party.

While the letter itself is very apologetic and and goes to great pains to try and reassure the recipient that this breach has been investigated thoroughly and that measures are now in place to ensure the situation can not be repeated, it doesn’t state when this breach happened and how long the data was exposed to the world.

The fraud protection cover they offer by way of apology is akin to padlocking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

I’m going to look into this for her and my first port of call will be the data protection commissioner. Come to think of it im not sure what good contacting the DPC will do, given the fact that they had their own leak recently any action they take against Airtricity might smack of hypocrisy!

I can only imagine the phone conversation:
> Hello
- Yes
> Is that Kettel?
- Yes this is Kettel
> This is pot
- Ok
> You’re Black

Download the full Airtricity Letter.